Ho Hum

I promised myself that the best way to keep this blog moving was to make at least one post per day. We will see how long that lasts… I have such great confidence in myself.
I am sitting here in the dark and trying to think of some meaty morsel of information, some tiny tidbit of wisdom that I can share with the world, and my mind is absolutely blank… So here are some pictures…

  1. I’m just posting this here in a public place so the police know where to look first if you ever leave the senator alone in a park for more than 3.5 minutes I will snatch and grab that kid right out of the sandbox which he also apparently thinks is mashed potatos cause he was chowing on that stuff when I saw him the other day.

  2. Yea, he loves that sand… the only real problem is when it reaches the other end of the …process… no wet wipe on earth can take that off in one go.not that you really needed that sort of information. 😉

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