So I just thought you all should know that I…am…a…GEEK!
and sadly enough I am perfectly comfortable with that fact and actually relish in it.
I am sitting her at my home pc and thinking (actually thinking to myself) that this 17″ monitor is soooo tiny and feeling handicapped because at work my system has dual monitors so I can have things going on both screens. How spoiled am I. I am now sitting here thinking to myself..Waahh friggin waaaah (yes those actual words thank you.)
And to add to my supreme geekdom, I just spent the better part of an hour setting up the google search and ad’s (that are not currently showing up until they index the sight) so that they would match the colors of my sight. uh…uh..aaahhhgeek… gesundheit…
p.s. I used a google search to find the spelling for gesundheit and then I copied and pasted because I am too good to type that whole big word. (yes I pasted it both times and the post title too so ha!)

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