Um… so yeah, there are no words…

By Far the strangest thing I haver ever seen an all male (yes all male, but he does look good in that top…) group of 1,500 phillippino inmates do… how ’bout you?

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  1. I was just wondering…is “haver” a word? What does it mean?

  2. :-Phaververb, intr havered, havering1. To babble; to talk nonsense.2. To be slow or hesitant in making a decision.noun 1. Foolish talk; nonsense.Form: havers (usually)

  3. Did you make that up or are you for real?

  4. no seriously, I looked up the definition of havers!

  5. I guess I’ll believe you this one time. But, that’s all!

  6. Dang! if I had only known that this was my only opportunity I would have used it on something really important!

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