X-Treme Randomness

… I am sitting on my bed at 11:28 on a Sunday night, everyone else in the house is sleeping (which is saying alot) browsing aimlessly through the web like there was a good reason or a purpose other that just to do it.  My cell phone is beeping because I just got off of an hour long support call and I have the lyrics to an Ani DiFranco song running round and round in my head.  Random thoughts are floating around intermingled with the lyrics… things like:

  • What was I in the middle of at work when I left on friday?
  • I have to wake up early to go to  Les Schwab to get my valve replaced on my van tire
  • I really need to plug in my laptop before the battery dies.
  • …and my cell phone too so it will stop beeping at me!
  • I want to go pick out the parts to my new computer.
  • I can pick out the parts whenever I want
  • … there is no point to picking out parts because I cannot afford them
  • I only have 17% free battery space
  • what are they going to build in the lot between lonestar steakhouse and the range rover dealership?
  • and about a million other things even more strange and random than that!
  • ….


“I open a fire-door to four lips, none of which were mine…kissing
tighten my belt around my hips… where your hands were missing
stepped out into the cold, collar high into the slate gray sky
the air was smoking the streets were dry
..and I wasn’t joking when I said goodbye!”
Firedoor- Ani DiFranco

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  1. How could you be thinking about any of those things when a lovely lady such as myself is sleeping next to you?

  2. Well that’s easy. If I had let myself think about you, I would not have been able to concentrate on my blog post… ahem.. I mean work. 😉

  3. you ever going to post again my friend?

  4. I have been wondering the same thing for months. You make me start a blog but then don’t keep yours up to date. Boonie!

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