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I found this on the wayward weblog. pretty funny stuff (if you are a total geek like me anyway.
This is an interesting take on programming language. This new language is called the YODA programming language, I think you can all figure it out from there.

Instead of the cryptic c-like syntax below:



public void Main(string[] args) {

   Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”);




We will now have eloquent YODA-like syntax:



(args of string many are they) Main is what they seek yet return they do not.


Brace you must

     Written it is, the Console. “Hello World”



so at this point, if you are a geek (or a nerd) you are laughing or a least grinning however if you are not you are just confused and wondering who allowed such an idiot to have a blog and possibly even thinking that they should start regulating who is allowed ownership of a blog.
Either way, I don’t care because I nearly fell out of my cushy chair after reading it on my second 20″ widescreen.


… Just the coolest music video…EVER

OK, so these guys are called OK, GO and I happened upon this music video a while ago and it is still one of my favorite things. I even have it on my mp3 player right next to the ask a ninja videos… yeah.

…Holy Freaking Moly!!! He’s posted!!!!

Sad isn’t it? I don’t know what my issue is, but I always start one of these here blog thingies and then I just sort of disappear. Well not this time pal!!! I won’t hear of it! I won’t just fade away from your memory like the name of your kindergarten teacher… Mrs. um…. uh…. whatevertheheckhernamewas! I plan to at least give this here posting thing the ‘ol college try’ and see what happens. Of course I realize that anybody that may have ever even had a remote interest in reading this Rumpelstiltskin of a blog has long since forsaken it and given it up for dead. Aah well. at least this way I will no longer feel the burden of needing to sound intelligent or the desire to impart something of substance to validate theirs as well as my existence.

Wooo Hoooo!

That is all….