March 12,2007 ultrasound 009

March 12,2007 ultrasound 009
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by gum its a boy!!
we had the ultrasound and had our suspicions confirmed, its a boy!
we are over joyed.


Eadie’s cold boonie

So Eadie went to go take pictures with Ashley and the other kids yesterday.
While they were out there, Ash was trying to take a picture of Eadie in a tree.
While Ash was taking the pictures, Eadie told her that “her bum was cold”. Evidently, when Ash had put Eadie up in the tree, the bark had caught on her pants and pulled them down a little. Ash was quick and snapped a pic and here it is in all it’s glory.


I just coud not help but add this on to my blog. Eadie decided to sing me a litte song.

to the hecklers…

So unbeknownst to me(yes that is how you spell it, I googled it I’m a geek remember?) I seem to be a bad father because I did not include my daughter Teya in that last post with the kids. I actually was half asleep when I posted it and just grabbed a few but who cares. Just to prove that I am not a terri-bibble person, here she is, the grumpy one.
(mostly just when she is tired, but then, oh MAN!!)


So I just thought you all should know that I…am…a…GEEK!
and sadly enough I am perfectly comfortable with that fact and actually relish in it.
I am sitting her at my home pc and thinking (actually thinking to myself) that this 17″ monitor is soooo tiny and feeling handicapped because at work my system has dual monitors so I can have things going on both screens. How spoiled am I. I am now sitting here thinking to myself..Waahh friggin waaaah (yes those actual words thank you.)
And to add to my supreme geekdom, I just spent the better part of an hour setting up the google search and ad’s (that are not currently showing up until they index the sight) so that they would match the colors of my sight. uh…uh..aaahhhgeek… gesundheit…
p.s. I used a google search to find the spelling for gesundheit and then I copied and pasted because I am too good to type that whole big word. (yes I pasted it both times and the post title too so ha!)

Tiger Teeth

I went to the zoo today. Zoos in the summer are sort of boring because the animals are all so hot they are just sitting around in the shade (which I wish I had been doing) The one cool thing that happened was that we were watching the tiger in it’s new cage and it was wading into the pool there right next to the window and then someone took a picture and the flash seemed to spook it and it turned and growled and bared (all) it’s teeth at us, which is definitely something to behold when you are only 5 feet away with nothing but plexiglass as a shield…. then it got out and left. Right after that a zoo keeper came and was asking us about what had happened. Turns out that was the first time ever that the tiger had gone into the water in the pool, it had been too afraid and would never go near it so we saw it go in for the first time, that also explains why it freaked out.

Ho Hum

I promised myself that the best way to keep this blog moving was to make at least one post per day. We will see how long that lasts… I have such great confidence in myself.
I am sitting here in the dark and trying to think of some meaty morsel of information, some tiny tidbit of wisdom that I can share with the world, and my mind is absolutely blank… So here are some pictures…